Netbag - About us

Our company netbag marketing s.r.o.

We are proud to say that the Czech Republic is an idea, net bags are completely made in EU.

Net bags are made in EU and is the result of honest work of Czech employees. We offer several color variations to meet customer needs. We save customers' finances as well as the environment because net bags are designed for multiple use.


Advantages of netbags


Fits in any pocket or purse.


It weighs almost nothing. You can hardly feel 20 grams in your hand.


You will be surprised how many things can put inside.


The mesh can easily withstand a load of up to 100 kg.


The fibers are well maintained and can be washed at any time.


By repeated use, we save on unnecessary plastic bags.


You can choose the color that suits you. Or have your own logo made and the packaging.


Used technologies

Western Europe manufacturing technology is used in production. Western Europe machines are characterized by precision that guarantees high product quality.

Special attention is paid to fiber because it is the basis of our net bags. The fiber was developed specifically for the needs of this type of bag. It is a German quality, not a Chinese product.

The advantages of net bags

It is surprising to see how much it can fit in the net. At the same time, you can count on it to withstand a load of up to 100 kg, as the fibers excel with amazing flexibility and strength.

The net has many advantages. It is very compact, so it fits into a ladies handbag or a man's pocket. It is very light because it weighs only 20 grams.

You can choose the color of the bag, but also design the logo or original packaging.

The net bag can be washed at any time, so it can still be clean.

Suitable for shopping, sports, traveling and fishing. It is a great help if you need to cool beer or other beverages. It is always at hand, light and compact. You can keep it close at any time thanks to its minimal dimensions.